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What’s essential is not visible



Even though the main advantage of developing a retail brand is the ease with which we can focus our efforts to a physically or virtually bounded space, what’s essential to the brand is not visible. In order to turn a store into a brand, we first need a great idea, as Descartes would say, that can be clearly and distinctively expressed; that would serve as a compass to attain a solid and attractive image; that inspires us; that’s worth realizing day after day.

In the current stagnated state of communications, if we want to leave a mark, there is only one possibility: to stand out to influence buying behavior and seduce our customers. Seduction is a complex art form and sometimes is Machiavellian. In his book “The Art of Seduction”, Robert Green explores the process with great wisdom and also advises companies on how to do it. He tells us to look for an emotional magnet and carefully plan the details around it.

Once we know how to stand out, we use all the resources at hand to get there: the signs in the interior, the façade, the show window, the distribution of the interior space, the packaging, the visual merchandising, the order, the cleanliness, the colors, the functionality, the esthetics, the lighting, the temperature, the music, the aromas, the technology and surely the words, the attention, the smiles, the vibes of the people…And let’s not forget all the necessary effort in the on-line world: the web-site, the conversations and interactions with the clients, social media marketing. If the overall experience is positive, the client will prefer us and if our offer surprises the client because of its novelty and its customized nature, the client will voluntarily become our sales agent at no cost. Because then, the brand will have acquired a new value, the value of being worthy of sharing and of being spread. What’s more, all this happening in real time.



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