What if we explore a possibility in 2017?


We spend our lives closing doors and narrowing our perspectives, making our world smaller, channelling our destiny. And, on the way, we leave behind many lives that we shall never live, many possibilities that are never realised. 

Revolutionary branding


What is it about certain ideas that makes them spread like wildfire and spur many people into taking action and instigating great social changes? How do you mobilise people to act for causes with meaning? How can we apply the principles of peaceful revolution to create global brands?  How do you capture the hearts of millions of people? How we can replicate the positive aspects of this in the world of business? Can the core ideas of political revolution be applied to consumer goods and services? Can we create a self-perpetuating driver of growth and impact?

Here’s to a magenta year


I’m magenta. One of the four CMYK colours. We see it as dark pink but it’s actually pure red, without any other colour component. 

The mentor’s role in personal branding


All entrepreneurs experience loneliness. Moved by a strange inner force that is at times bigger than ourselves, we chase our dream, we stubbornly continue against all odds, we are faced with constant decisions, we often make mistakes, we always get up again, rectify, or make the same mistakes all over again—after all, we’re only human—, and when we are swamped by confusion, doubts, or insecurities, we’d give our everything to have a good mentor 24/7 at our side in order to ask for advice whenever we need it.

What is a brand that makes sense?


Four and a half years ago I launched grasp, Brands that make sense,  and I believe I have never explained in a post the meaning of my mysterious tagline. Where does it arise from? What is hidden beneath those words?  What type of brands, from our point of view, “make sense”? Or looking at the question from another angle, what do we think does not make sense?

How can a naming process help me?


I would love to say that most brand names have been born with the professional help of a branding consultancy, but we all know this isn't true. Giving a name to their project is one of the first things entrepreneurs do, and they very rarely resort to external help.

As Grasp's vocation is to help innovating entrepreneurs to create and manage their brands, we have put together some of the main reasons why external and professional help when creating a name can be very useful.

Superwords for 2015


I am convinced that words are magical because they can influence our mood and soak us up with their superpowers. If we can give words to a positive reality, life will make it happen. Therefore, for 2015, I want to give you six words as a gift, in hope that they will come to life and turn into fulfilling experiences for each and every one of you.