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Doing things right to begin with


I remember that several years ago I was surprised to find that a well-known international branding consultancy declared that its market was not so much that of brand creation, but of reinvention, as if branding were not precisely about the initial steps in projects or as if inventions could never turn out well on the first try.

That's how I realised that that is, without a doubt, the market for all branding consultancy firms, because in that arena one very rarely does things well to begin with.

This happens because there is a profound misunderstanding about what good branding does for a company. In spite of the common academic vocation of those who work in this area, it is still considered a job that does not deserve any specialisation or reflection, that anyone with a bit of imagination and a design programme can do it, and that a little adornment is enough to go for miles.

It is thought to be something one can easily do without because its strategic and symbolic values are not well known. And often, until the company is of a certain size or encounters an important communication crisis, it devotes no time to defining and making its brand strategy tangible.

But things do not have to be this way. Let's imagine that right from the beginning there exists a lighthouse born from a profound analysis and reflection which shows you the way and gives coherence to all your actions. Let's imagine that you can load your brand with the meanings you want it to be associated with right from its lauch in the market, instead of waiting for time or communication to start creating an image that is not always desired. And yes, it is an issue of substance but also of style... because it is essential to look appealing and often the first impression sticks. Why wait to correct one's aimless course when we can do things right to begin with?

It is also possible that you don't dear to strategically manage your brand because you think you won't be able to afford it. You would be surprised to learn how inexpensive such a strategic investment can be. Or perhaps you are confused with the whole process and don't know where to begin. Well, that's what us professionals are for!

And behind the decision of not paying attention to one's brand is often the fear of standing out and being differentiated. Because a brand looks for and builds its differentiation. The situation is similar to the bravery of a boy who is the only one who knows the answer to the teacher's question and dears to lift up his hand and have all the eyes in the classroom directed right at him.

Brands are a true reflection of their leaders' personality, and sometimes also reveal ugly things, like our lack of self-esteem or self-confidence.

However, grasp is designed precisely for those people who have stopped fearing the professional "reinvention" because, let's face it, Spain is not precisely known for encouraging entrepreneurship at schools (quite the opposite, actually...).

We are bearing witness to a shift in paradigm or the birth of a new working era in which we are being increasingly required ­-despite not being trained for it- to take charge of our own lives and become responsible for our work destiny.

The good thing about this alleged abandonment is that we are being given the opportunity to do something useful, creative and full of meaning. Quality entrepreneurship is born out of the search for a workpath which has a meaning to us and that, beyond the benefits we are able to generate, connects with an intrinsic and much more powerful motivation.

Out of those who work only 15% of us are entrepreneurs. And becoming an entrepreneur is associated to a change in lifestyle and a road which may become steep. But when we are truly motivated by what we do, we will find the necessary strength to manage. 


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